The International Pop Overthrow Continues!

Hey Perms-Fans! Now that we're back from IPO Vancouver, we're stoked to announce that we're also attending IPO Toronto in November! Check out the Shows page for more details. Also, our tune "The Parent Thing" is featured on International Pop Overthrow: Volume 18 - get your copy of this amazing 3-disc compilation at the Pop Geek Heaven store.

Also, our newest album is coming along. We've begun recording (using our new Presonus board, of course) and so far we're pretty happy with how it sounds - we just can't decide if it'll be an EP or a full-length record!

And finally, a big congratulations to David Lafantaisie of Winnipeg for winning The Perms Box Set Contest! Enjoy your prize, and thanks to all who entered. Stay tuned because there could be another contest in the works!

That's all, Perms-fans. Be good!


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